1.         Chicken Marsala – fresh Amish chicken, sautéed with caramelized onions, mushrooms, fresh garlic, and finished with a Marsala wine sauce.

2.        Chicken Cordon Blue - Italian breaded chicken, topped with prosciutto ham, Swiss cheese, and served with a light cream sauce.

3.        Skewered Caribbean Chickenchicken marinated with Jamaican rub, grilled with fresh mango, onions, and peppers.

4.        Roasted Stuffed Chicken Breast – with sundried cherries, pine nuts, leeks, and finished with a Madeira wine sauce.

5.        Lemon Garlic Chickensautéed breast in a lemon garlic butter sauce.

6.        Blackened Chickensautéed breast seasoned with Cajun spices, topped with Boursin cream cheese herb.

7.        Chicken Dijonsautéed breast with a Dijon cream sauce.

8.        Chicken Florentine - open faced boneless breast, sautéed and topped with spinach, bacon, and ricotta cheese.



1.      Stuffed Whitefish Roulade fresh Canadian whitefish filled with a crabmeat stuffing, served with a Chardonnay wine lemon sauce.

2.     Thai Grilled Salmon topped with an Asian pickled garnish, served with a sweet and spicy Thai sauce.

3.     Grilled Jumbo Shrimp Scampi grilled to perfection with diced tri-colored peppers, and fresh garlic, finished with a Chardonnay wine lemon butter sauce.

4.     Seafood Strudel shrimp and scallops wrapped in phyllo dough, topped with Swiss, scallions, and a sherry wine lobster cognac cream sauce.


1.         Beef Wellingtontender braised beef topped with mushrooms, onions, (duxell) port wine and thyme, then wrapped with puffed pastry cooked until a golden brown.

2.        Braised Tender BeefServed with a port wine demi-glace, and portabella mushrooms.

3.        Spice Beef Kabobs(sirloin) marinated with chipotle rub and spices, grilled to perfection with leeks, peppers, and mushrooms.

4.        Cajun Pepper SteakBoneless short ribs, tossed with peppers, onions, shitake mushrooms, and a light Cajun brown sauce.


1.         Peach Cobbler

2.        Banana Pudding

3.        Red Velvet sheet cake

4.        German Chocolate sheet cake


1.         Rosemary Roasted Red Skin Potatoes

2.        Braised Chateau Potatoes

3.        Au gratin Potatoes

4.        Stewed Potatoes (leeks, smoked paprika)


1.         Broccoli

2.        Green Bean Almandine

3.        Sautéed Cabbage

4.        California Mixed Vegetables

5.        Sautéed Sweet Butted Corn


1.         Tossed Salad

2.        Caesar Salad

3.        Dinner Rolls

4.        China  - includes dinner plate, dessert plate, salad bowl, silverware


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